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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has fine tuned this method for over 30 years and taught graduates, like myself, to apply this incredible method. We access the subconscious mind, which drives most of what we do and use hypnotherapy to regress to those experiences that have caused us to hold back and have negative beliefs about ourselves e.g. we may believe that happiness is not available or a healthy lifestyle is not available without pain. We will go searching for and find that inner peace you have been looking for. Hypnotherapy is used as the vehicle because of its ability to allow access to the subconscious (the part of our mind that holds the reason & keys to our freedom). The direct access via hypnosis means the information required to understand what is going on for you is readily available, as opposed to endless talking & telling your story session after session in the hope that the source of the issue might eventually be found. No, you read correctly, not session after session for months, years even. The aim is to get to the root cause, eliminate that cause and free you! I can speak from experience that this method is not a temporary fix nor a coping strategy, it gets rid of the cause, the reason of the issue. It is so liberating. I had years of depression and not feeling enough. Thanks to this method I no longer feel depressed and no longer fear it as I completely feel enough. I feel like a Caz version 2.0. An upgraded version of me, a happy me. This is why I trained in this method, after feeling its results for myself. We upgrade our phone and laptop software, why not our own programming?

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